Friday Faves

I found this Valentine's shirt at Kid-to-Kid and thought it was perfect! I added the quote. :>

My Whole 30 is OVAH!! As of today. Don't mistake my enthusiasm for an all-out ice cream binge tomorrow. I'm just glad that I made it. I finished! I have a Whole 30 wrap up post coming and am planning to make these for our Super Bowl get together.

The first thing out of my child's mouth when we picked her up from Sunday School last week was, "I forgive you for being mad at me this morning."

Gilmore Girls. I'm in love. I mean, this isn't my first rodeo with this show but I luurrve it. We got Netflix and I've sorta been binge watching it. Over Christmas (I almost said Christmas break. ha. #notastudent) I watched a couple of random episodes but then decided - because I used to be an orderly-type person - that I really should start at the beginning. Season 1, Episode 1. As of last night, I am officially in Season 2. (that's 20 episodes in case you're wondering) I'm watching a show here, there, and five in a row last Saturday? Ryan thinks I've gone off the deep end.

Speaking of Lorelai, I'm obsessed with brown hair. Dark brown hair. But mine is short and highlighted. I got on Pinterest, found this and am thinking about it. Thoughts?

I've always liked a good bargain. Thanks mom/grandmother. But lately I'm really into online shopping. I mean, who's bad day ISN'T turned right around by 1/2 off Gap sale prices? I got Karlyn these, this, and this.

This quote by John Wooden.
Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

Happy Friday Folks!


Fuel for the Fire

Man I love this. I'm getting fired up tonight. Jazzed. Feeling a spark of life come back. Feeling that there's work to do and I might just be the one called to do it. Thinking that maybe - just maybe - my interests, passions, and dare I say calling may be God-given and there for a reason. 

I read another chapter in Unstoppable last night and I want to write a post about just that but it was so good. It's the kind of chapter you read the whole way through with that knot in your throat. The kind of knot that appears when you want to cry but don't. When you know that what you're hearing is true and you know it in your gut. When someone is speaking the truth and reminding you that giving up / dropping out is not an option. And definitely not recommended.

Honestly, I'm tired. I'm tired of people not caring. I'm tired of the vast majority of people seeing zero connection between their health and what they shove into their mouth on a daily basis.
Autoimmune diseases, food allergies, compromised gut health, diabetes, sleep disorders, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, arthritis.
There's a connection here and I promise lasting relief is not the latest prescription drug being offered on the TV commercial you just watched, with it's cargo train of side effects.

It's called FOOD. Real food that we were designed to eat. Adequate, restorative sleep. Exercise. Moving your body. Laughter. Stress Relief. Homeopathic, natural remedies. Essential Oils.

My passion is health. How can we possibly live up to our full potential and be all God has called us to be when we're held back by illnesses that attack our body and zap our strength? As I wrap up my first official "Whole 30" I  believe in the power of what we do - and do not eat - so much that it's lit a new fire in my bones.

Perfectionism is not the goal. Health is. Not perfect health. But optimal health. Attainable health. I want to spread this message. I want to do what I can, with what I can, now. And I will.


Stuff 4 year olds say

I love this kid. At 4, she hasn't let up on the saying funny things, thing. For example:

"I made you this card because you've been so lovable this year." >>a week into January

Kar: "I love you mom."

Me: "I love you too!"

Kar: "No, I wasn't saying that to you. I was just testing out my voice to see if I needed to cough or not. Sometimes I do that."

"Oh my geez, oh my my. I was like, why am I not going to school today?"

"You're like freakin me out." (Um. She doesn't say this...so, oops. But the context was funny to me because I was only trying to help her pick out Sunday play clothes. Which is in itself, a chore.)

"I can't believe you're doing this to me." *said forlornly **She had made cards for her school peeps and I wouldn't go back inside and get them because we were running late. ***We DID get them though because I also forgot her blanket and pillow.

"Why do you always shut me out?" I wouldn't wipe her bottom. I don't know.

Me: "Did you take a nap?"

Kar: "No, I don't know how to fall asleep.

I've been trying to jot this stuff down on my phone when she says it so I can remember it. I love having a girl! She's been really into painting and play-doh lately too. Here are a few of her masterpieces.


You Might Be Doing a Whole30 If...

You use a quarter of a large Hass avocado and store the rest loosely in a paper towel in the work fridge. You forget to take it home but think, it's cool. I'll use it tomorrow on my Chipotle! #toomuchhealthyfattowaste

Grapes taste like candy.

Around day 15, you start wondering which foods you'll indulge in after it's over and then think, eh, probably nothing too crazy.

Eggs. #becauseeggs

You get excited. Yes, EXCITED when you successfully whip up a bowl of Paleo / Approved Whole 30 mayo. And you take pictures of it.

You put the mayo on pork chops because you're tired of eating pork chops.

It's a good day because you found Tuna without soy.

You consider eating Chipotle every day for lunch from Day 15 on because it makes you feel more... normal. Then you think, yeah, but I could MAKE THIS so much cheaper.

Dried Mango tastes like candy.

Dishes. Always.

You pay $12.99 for Justin's almond butter then shudder to think what your mother would say.

You wonder how you'll get through the next two weeks but by now it's a pride thing and there's no way you're quitting.


Warm Almond Milk. Plain.

I drank some warm, unsweetened vanilla almond milk + cinnamon when I got home today by the fire. As lovely as that sounds and as cozy as a filter makes it appear to be - it was plain. Warm, but plain.

I'm sitting under a blanket and have no desire to get out from under it although I have things to get done. Winter does that to you.

Ryan and I spent our Christmas gift card to Home Goods this weekend and bought a really pretty, flowery square wooden wall hanging. It's gray and I LOVE GRAY. Like love it. See a gray sweater at Target? Done. Gray pillows. Swoon. Gray is just so darn cozy and wonderful and my husband looks at me like I'm from a different planet when I say I want a room with everything gray. I had a gray hooded sweater in college that got fuzzy from over-use that I wore to 8:00 AM classes, too tired to try. It was a sad day when I misplaced it.

Sometimes I wish I could turn my mind off and not think about all the things, all the time. I wish I didn't love to reminisce. I wish I was more content. I wish I felt things a little less and was able to let them go when needed. I wish complements and conversation held less weight but my love language is words of affirmation. 

I want a brownie. Sweetened. And very un-plain.


Comfort Food ~ Whole 30 Style

I've decided that part of the fun *yes I said fun* of doing a Whole 30 is trying new recipes. New veggies. New combinations. New flavors!

I stumbled across an article by Melissa Joulwan of "The Clothes Make The Girl" listing her most popular recipes of 2014. Intrigued, I scanned it Sunday morning and was immediately drawn to one called Comfort Noodles. I mean, who doesn't love comfort food? Plus I was 12 hours into a major pouting session over some disappointing news. I had all the ingredients and got right to work.

I PROMISE you need to try this recipe! It was so, SO, good. Like, licked the bowl good. Do yourself a favor and go buy a spiralizer (or veggie peeler), zucchini, and almond flour (you should already have the rest) and whip this up. Make extra.

Recipe here:

my first time making "zoodles!"

mmm, garlic.

runny eggs.


told ya.

I only had 1 zucchini and 2 eggs, so that's what I worked with. I will definitely make the full recipe next time. I totally felt like I was eating some rich, creamy pasta dish with salty bread crumbs. Which sounds weird - but oh so yum.

I can't wait to try more of Melissa's recipes. Like Mayo!


Friday Faves - January

Welp. January is upon us! Cold, wet, and dreary. But it's OK. I have a bright + cheery calender.

I love that message. Do what you love. Love what you do. And make it beautiful.

Other things I'm loving~

* I've kicked off my Whole 30. Today is Day 2! I've added a tab at the top of my blog called "Whole 30" if you'd like to follow my journey or gain inspiration for your own. I'll be updating daily.

*My GapFit pants. I know I mentioned them before but I seriously love them. Just socomfy. And they're on sale! I also got a scarf for Christmas similar to this one in black/gray that I don't want to take off.

*This song by Chris Jamison (of The Voice!) and Jessie J. I love how they sound together, the song, everything. I like the message of "I'm still working...perfectly incomplete" Why can't I sing? :-/

*This idea by one_fit_cookie (IG) She created a memories jar and spray painted it! I want to re-create this and steal her idea to write down funny, happy, or helpful memories throughout the year  and read them at the end.

*Target is killing me you guys. I bought a bathing suit. On December 31st. What the heck? To be fair, I was trying on workout clothes and spied one that someone had returned, thought it looked cute, and tried it on. Hey, I guess it's Summer motivation right? I also randomly **sometimes I stumble into the children's clearance section** found Karlyn's Easter dress yesterday. It's SO pretty! I love it.

What things are you loving right now? Tell me in the comments!