Friday Faves

1. I think every woman should wear blush. It's a make-up must in my opinion! This is my fave right now. It gives you that flushed rosy glow and I love topping it with a little bronzer and then brushing on a powder blush/highlighter on top of it.

2. Trips to the dentist. They really don't bother me and I usually leave with a good report. I felt like I got a failing grade this last time though because they noticed some gum recession. :-( I was like, huh? She goes, yeah, if sensitivity starts happening, I could switch toothpaste and then surgery might also be on the table. IF it got worse. I was half-way mortified. She mentioned getting a Sonicare toothbrush or just using soft, slow circles when I brush. Um. OK. Now I'm afraid to brush my teeth. For reals.

3. Music. I'm so, so behind on The Voice but I liked this song in the blind auditions. He just has a cool style. I also heart this song.

4. I love this list of plant-based protein snacks! Even if the original recipe doesn't strike you - there's a lot of room for inspiration. Chia seed pudding? Chocolate-Avocado Milkshake? #YUM

5. My child has her first ballet recital next month. Cue all the feels. I picked out her white leotard for the recital and this is how she styled it.

6. Learn to Lift Weights And Love It. Jen Sinkler via Melissa Joulwan talks about how to increase confidence in the weight room. I like this part ~

"Plus, strength-training has a sneaky-cool way of expanding into your life outside the gym, boosting self-esteem, fighting insomnia, and reducing anxiety, to name a few."

7. This. I need.

8. Go longer between trims. I need to work on this, especially since I want my hair to GROW. Nevermind the fact that I thought about chopping it the other day. No, I'm pretty much always like um, it's been 6 weeks? What am I doing with my HAIR NEXT?! And riddle me this. Why on some days does it seem like my hair is actually shrinking. As in actively getting shorter. darn layers.

9. Last weekend Ryan did some handyman work for me around the house. Including hanging the "EAT" letters in the first pic. I really, really like it! Plus I like to eat, so there's that.

10. Today is my birthday. I plan on eating sweet things + a sister date. We did this last year too!

happy friday!


Friday Faves

1. Welp. We've made it through yet another time change. I'm liking the extra daylight but my four year old summed it up best. "It's weird...it's just weird." She "accidentally" slept all night in her bed Sunday night and was thoroughly confused Monday morning when she heard Ryan - and it was still dark outside.

2. All this wet gloomy weather put me in a baking mood. Soooo chocolate chip gluten-free blondies with a secret ingredient. And they're surprisingly good, i.e., I've eaten half the pan. (I totally just googled the proper usage of "i.e." Hope I did it right.)

3. Speaking of blonde, I'm kind of over the dark hair. I know right - it's totally been five weeks. I figured it might go like that. Don't worry; I'm not switching back overnight. It's too $$. It'll be a gradual fading + addition of highlights back in. =) File that under #thingsnoonecaresabout

4. Have you seen this? Oh my gosh. I already liked the song but THIS? Where was Maroon 5 when I was getting married??! What a fun memory! I love it.

5. So, weather again. I am really ready for some regular sunshine and feel like I was starting to get in a funk. There's only so many days you can take. Enter>>> Natural and Safe Fatigue Fighters! I like this list of energy boosters, especially the mention of regular exercise at the end. Here's more along the same line.

6. Gilmore Girls Update. I'm almost through Season 4. Luke and Lorelai are just about to get together. FINALLY. Rory's at Yale. Lane's been replaced and Jess...Jess, where are you? Come backkkk.

7. I was planning to exercise yesterday but felt pretty tired when I got home from work. I ate a snack, set my alarm for a 30 minute snooze, and then slept for an hour and a half. Oops. I guess my body needed it though - it was one of those naps you wake up in a fog from. I can't remember the last time I napped like that!

8. Mandatory quote.

"Do hard stuff. Every single day. Do something that scares you, challenges you, makes you sweat, freaks you out. Growth requires persistence." ~ Christine Caine

9. 13 Ways Women Can be MORE, Not Less. Yes.

10. I'll be 32 in one week. I can't decide how I feel about that. 32 is still young right? My chiropractor said it's only 4 years from 28...so...sure. I'll go with that logic.


8 Years

8 years ago we said "I DO."

I love this man.

Marriage isn't always rosy. We've had our ups and downs for sure but I am so grateful that he's stuck by my side.

I don't think either of us knew what lay up ahead when we stood at the altar that day and exchanged vows.

Heck, we still don't! But I do know that God brought us together and that marriage is a very sanctifying thing. It's a struggle at times. It's blissful. It's comfortable. It's hard. It's encouraging where there's doubt and lifting up when there's a fall. Ultimately, it's a commitment and choosing to honor that commitment.

We got to spend a really fun Saturday together - more time than we've had alone in a long time - just to do whatever we wanted. We strolled through furniture stores, I drug him up and down shoe aisles, we ate at Macaroni Grill, and then ended up at the mall for ice cream. Super fun.

Here's to 8 more!




8:00 PM?

Almost March?

I don't care; pick one! All I know is I'm about to take my second Benedryl and head to bed. Being sick sucks. For real. I couldn't sleep from 3:30 on this morning because I COULDNT BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE. Guess what I finally succumbed to? That's right. Lorelai invites Luke over for movie night. It's a wonder I made it through the day. And oh yeah. Mucinex gives you/ME road rage, and lots of other rages. It makes me so mad I listen to songs at 45 instead of 30. Whatever that measurement is...the volume knob. You know. 



I wanted to write a Friday Faves post but I'm seriously about to nod off and I'm typing this from my phone. Yes, Blogger has an app! How cool. 

I felt the need to document today in some way. It feels kinda like a big deal but not yet. This could be the start of a new little adventure for me. More to come...

I decided something. (This has nothing to do with above new thing.) I like SALT. And I like BATHS. I add salt to food like I add hot water to my bathtub. Often, intermittently, and with a heavy hand. I told you, it's the drugs.

What else. I have gone off the Whole 30 rails and desperately need to get back on. Sugar! It wrecks me. I need to make a plan because I definitely noticed a difference just one month following the challenge.

What are your Thursday night plans? Hopefully more exciting than mine. Countdown to pillow in 3...2...1

WAIT!! I have one more rant. I'm over this weather. over. it. Let it go...Let it go...let Winter please GO! I want March. The month of spring, my birthday, and just all around better than February-ness. I already flipped my calendar. So it's done. 

I hereby cancel what remains of these dull dreary days. Here here. 


p.s. If you're a fan of medicine induced blogging, please comment below. I'll be sure to add it in the rotation. 



ice day

Karlyn sent Ryan off to work this morning with 3 Doc McStuffins band-aids and a pink cup filled with water to help melt the ice. :-)

And then...we did nothing. No showers. No cooking - other than breakfast. Pretty sure Karlyn had a chocolate chip granola bar for lunch with fruit snacks and deli meat on the side. I watched an undetermined number of Gilmore Girls episodes. She watched "pla doh" shows. We took a nap. I think I have a slight headache and my neck needs to be adjusted. We distracted daddy at work.

I did put two new pillows into shams + did a 20 minute yoga sesh. #gome

I don't feel that great if it makes it any better. Its been the epitome of a lazy day and I'm calling in dinner to round out the fun. I was reminded that The Voice starts back up tonight! I love that show, especially the first few when you get to hear the singer's stories.

I'm tossing around the thought of making the bed before my honey gets home and possibly washing my hair. Aim high; Dream high.


Friday Faves

My co-worker shared this with us and I thought it was pretty funny. BINGO anyone?!

1) Looking to improve your health? Take a walk!

The best way to improve your overall health may be as simple as joining a walking group. A review of 42 studies examined the physical and mental health effects of joining an outdoor walking group and found that among study participants, joining a walking group led to decreases in blood pressure, resting heart rate, depression, body fat, weight, and total cholesterol. Improvements in overall physical functioning and lung power were also noted by walkers. The findings suggest that healthcare providers should recommend patients join a walking group as a way to improve their overall health. 
British Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2015

2) "If God would make me like naps, I would...but, He didn't." ~ Karlyn. Who can argue with that logic?

3) Paleo. Vegan. Pegan? Read Dr. Mark Hyman's take on a healthy diet.

4) This Women's Beginner Strength Training Guide from Nia Shanks is no-nonsense simple. If you're new to weights, programming, the whole shebang, maybe start here.

5) Want a better day at work? I like these tips for bringing mindfulness to the office.

6) HEALTHY FRENCH FRIES. yes please.

7) A Reverse To Do List. Interesting! I'm not a huge list person but at times I think I should be. It would at least help me stay more on top of things - perhaps keep it on the fridge? #alwayseating

8) Does the news having you running panicked to the closest doctor's office in fear of measles? Read this first. And this. Or this.

We made this blueberry b-fast cake for Ryan for a special birthday treat. We all gave it 3 thumbs up! Karlyn had fun helping me make it and even though I had trouble getting it out of the pan, it was easy and delicious.

Happy Friday!


5 Reasons To Workout When You Don't Feel Like It

awkward gym selfie

I headed up to the gym yesterday for a quick workout and after about five minutes texted Ryan, "I'm not feelin' this." I usually take Sundays off but every now and then I'll go. I frequently hit a wall though, especially if I didn't get a nap beforehand and think, why did I come up here? All this got me thinking about when you should and should not push yourself to workout. Here's what I came up with.

5 Reasons To Workout When You Don't Feel Like It

1. You'll feel better afterwards! Endorphins, your brain's feel good neurotransmitters (or opiate-like chemicals) kick in and can give you that "runner's high" - even if you're just lifting weights! I did learn something new though.
Researchers have found that light-to-moderate weight training or cardiovascular exercise doesn't produce endorphins, only heavy weights or training that incorporates sprinting or other anaerobic exertion. 
When your body crosses over from an aerobic state to an anaerobic state, it's suddenly operating without enough oxygen to satisfy the muscles and cells screaming out for it. This is when the "runner's high" occurs. Source. 
Even if endorphins aren't the end result of your gym time, you will at least leave with a sense of accomplishment. The knowledge that you did something.

2. Your schedule demands it. As a busy wife and mom, time gets away from me. I knew it had been a few days since I'd been and that I wouldn't be able to go today. Likely not tomorrow either. If I didn't get a workout in, a whole week could easily pass and with it my attempts at muscle-building. Sometimes your schedule will dictate whether or not you push through "I don't feel like it" and do it anyways.

3. You've set goals to reach. Staying physically active on the tough days, even if it's not your best workout helps maintain strength levels and keeps momentum up. It's the old, "something is better than nothing." It you're actively striving to make progress in the gym or on a certain body part, knowing you are putting in the time and effort means you'll meet that goal that much sooner. Muscle maintenance trumps muscle loss.

4. You're sore from a previous workout. No, this isn't necessarily a reason to workout but moving your body will help work the lactic acid and soreness out that accumulated from your last session. Experience has shown me that it's really easy to let a day or two of rest due to extreme soreness turn into more than that so sometimes it really is best to get moving again. End with some stretching/foam rolling and you're golden!

5. You're striving for self-discipline. You are training your body to do the thing it doesn't want to do. How many times in our day-to-day life must we do things we don't really FEEL like doing? All the time. I get tired of doing dishes but I continue to do them because I like to cook my own food. I feel better when I wake up to a clean kitchen but I don't always feel like tidying up the night before. Each time do you make a choice to "do it anyways" your resolve grows. Flex those muscles and improve your mental toughness at the same time.

All that being said, I think there are a few times when it might not be in your best interest to workout.

  1. Are you sick? Like sick sick? Stay home and rest.
  2. Are you so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open? Sleep. Don't sweat.
  3. Are you super burnt out on the type of workout you've been doing? Does the thought of the gym make you want to spew expletives? Maybe you should re-think your routine. Do you genuinely need some time off and a fresh outlook? Do you need a new activity? 

I've found that if I'll listen to my body, I can usually determine what the right choice is for that day. Only you can decide and only YOU know whether or not a workout will leave you better off in the long run OR leave you depleted and at risk of burnout.

What does your inner dialogue sound like surrounding the gym and workouts? I'd love to hear your thoughts!