Boon Flair Find & Bedazzled Baby

I don't spend money on a lot of things. Jeans, running shoes, hair color. Those are big ticket items for me but for most things, I'm happy to wait until they go on sale and enjoy the challenge of finding a good deal. I am my mother's daughter!

Krosby has Karlyn's old crib, dresser, glider, and plenty of hand-me-down clothes so I don't feel too guilty when I buy her new items of her own. I can't remember when I first came across the highchair of my dreams, but I did and I was sold. I wanted this one bad!

Oh but don't worry. Amazon has it for $229.00!

There was still no way I was going to pay over two hundred dollars for a highchair. Back around Christmas a fellow blogger tipped us off to a sale on them for $160.00 but by the time I saw it, Wal-Mart was out of stock. Diapers.com had a sale too but we decided to wait, thinking surely it would go on sale again by the time we needed it.

Recently I'd started refreshing my browser daily just to check! I think one of the biggest selling points to me was NO FABRIC. The all plastic and smooth materials were going to make it a snap to wipe down after messy meals and I loved the adjustable height feature. Plus, it just looked cool! Amazon gave amazing reviews and so little by little my heart was set on it. I knew exactly where I would put it and I could picture it there, sitting sweetly under the calendar. :-)

I'm part of a large moms group on Facebook so a few days ago I threw out that I was wanting a boon flair. One of the girls said her sister had found one at a garage sale for $30! Fast-forward to this past Saturday morning and another sweet momma snapped and posted a pic of the very chair I wanted at a Kid-to-Kid resale shop about an hour away. Ahhh! #BlessHer I called and asked a few questions to make sure it was in decent shape and then requested that they hold it for me. Krosby and I set out for a weekend drive which was actually really relaxing because she slept the whole time while I jammed out to the radio. <It's the little things.>

We made it there in no time and I gave it the once over. I even had to pull up the video on it because I couldn't figure out the pneumatic lift. Tip: Pull/Push hard! You can watch here to see how it works!

An employee helped me load it up and we were off! What a steal! It was also my lucky day because I was able to meet up with a friend from college that I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Karlyn. She lived in the area so Krosby and I got to check out her super-cool house (I love older homes with character AND the previous owner left her with top of the line high-end kitchen appliances!) and we caught up on life over Torchy's Tacos. It was seriously such a fun day and totally out of the norm for me. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see her! We actually lived together for one Summer right after college, in Indiana. Crazy!


On Sunday, I got my boon flair all cleaned up and wheeled into place. Oh yes. It rolls! But...not before I let my smallest child roll off the ottoman. 

Ya'll. I was horrified! This is what happened. I left for an hour on Sunday to go to the gym and returned home to this bedazzled baby. Karlyn had gotten a bracelet set with her Nona and with daddy's help decided to decorate her younger sister. I thought it was so funny so of course I was trying to get a picture. After I took a few I turned around for a split-second and whlop! There she goes. I had just told the dog to hop off the chair so I don't know for sure if he knocked her slightly or if she rolled all on her own (I think she did) and landed on the floor. Luckily she is squishy and the ottoman is not very high. But I still hated it and it scared me for a second. She cried for about a minute and then was fine. I guess we got that milestone out of the way. :-0 


So that was my weekend. I still can't believe the highchair I really wanted is sitting in my kitchen! I plan on replacing the pad with one of the colored ones - probably orange. Even though Krosby isn't ready for it yet, it's so fun to have it waiting on us for those first baby foods!


At Least Like Once a Week

Remember that time I said I was going to write 30 minutes per day and/or start working on "my book?"

ah Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha.


Why do I torture myself like this and set unrealistic goals after just having a baby? Maybe one day I'll learn. But I have been itching to write, especially about postpartum and life with two. The problem is that I've been living postpartum life with two. Which makes it hard. There's always something else I could be doing like tidying up, cooking, showering, exercising, eating, or sleeping so those things usually win. I guess if any writing is going to happen it will be at the expense of clean hair or children and I'll just put on my productivity blinders and do the thing.

Writing for me is like praying. Or yoga. I know that I should pray, and that I should probably practice yoga so that I'm stretched out, less stressed and less likely to bite my husband's head off but I don't make time for it. When I actually DO sit down to pray, I feel better. Life is better and I think, "Why, Why, Why don't I do this like EVERY DAY??" Sometimes the hardest part is getting started and then things start to flow. The magic.

Because I really do want to write. I have things to tell you, and myself. Viewpoints to share and <hopefully> things you find helpful. And I just want to get in the habit. My fingers like to type! And I'm fast. #ThankYouHomeSchoolOldSchoolComputerTypingProgram

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and it dawned on me, ya know, I could have been writing instead of reading other people's stuff. Granted, the four month old was sound asleep laying on me so I excused it. Mama needs her downtime too.

My sister Karoline texted me yesterday asking if she could take Karlyn to a movie soon. I mentioned it to Karlyn who then got super excited and kept asking questions about it. Krosby was in the swing right next to her and Karlyn goes,

"Krosby, I don't want to say I don't love you... but at least like once a week, I need a break from you."

Ya think, KID? Break. Yes, please! Sign me up for that. It was funny though and of course I had to write it down before I forgot. My girls are growing so quickly and each day I try to soak it in. Some days I don't soak and I just yell too much.

I love reading honest. I think it's my favorite (next to anything health/fitness) because it's real. When you get to the end and think, oh man, me too. I feel/act the same way. We can relate. I'm not the only one. So I want to write honest too, because that's what I prefer. If you're a mom to littles and not following Bunmi Laditan on Facebook, you should. Scroll down to April 2 and watch her video on: Leaving your Baby With The Grandparents- First Child vs. Third Child


She's also the author of the blog "Honest Toddler" and book "The Honest Toddler." I plan to re-read it when Krosby is older. Serious laugh till you cry stuff, perfectly suited for that end of day bath.

Alright. Enough for today. Kiddo #1 is at school, Baby #2 is half-way through her twenty minute nap. The house is quiet. Happy Tuesday.


International Sibling Day

It's National Sibling Day, and while I'm pretty sure this is a made-up thing I can't pass up a chance to jot down some funny things my oldest said. My own mom tells me that I have to write this stuff down!

This morning I told Karlyn,

"Did you know today is National Sibling Day? Do you know what a sibling is?"

"A baby?"

"It's a sister or a brother."

"So what's this all about? You take your sibling to school? You pet them?"

Karlyn likes to talk to her "YouTube" fans sometimes and make these pretend videos. We'll catch her talking out loud at random times and holding a dialogue with invisible friends. So later in the nursery while I was changing Krosby, I hear,

"So it's International Sibling Day and...I don't really know what that means because this is my first International Sibling Day."


The girls stayed home from church this morning after a late and long night so while daddy was gone teaching, I had both Karlyn and Krosby upstairs with me for a quick workout. Karlyn also loves to play doctor and give checkups and who do you think needed a checkup most but little sister!

I love these real-life pics of sweet sisters playing. Krosby needed some "blood work" and then had to have a cast which consisted of a baby washrag + hair rubber band. She begged me to leave it on her, which I did for about a minute. :>

I can't wait to watch these two grow up together and write down all the funny things that are said! I feel so blessed to be their mom and I will always remember how Karlyn prayed for her little sister. She would repeat after us at bedtime:

"God, please let me have a baby brother or sister."


"No, just sister."

Happy International Sibling Day!


4 Months

Alright kiddo, we're gonna make this quick. Because mommy has things to do - like recover from probably the longest night we've had with you (4 month sleep regression anyone? You're waking up too soon from a nap as we speak!!) and clean up this house which is in a constant state of disarray since you arrived.

But we LOVE you sweetie pie! :-) All joking aside, months three to four were one giant leap for you and all of a sudden you were this alert, responsive, cutie patootie little one instead of my tiny newborn. You looked and acted older and everything was new!


{I'll update this section on Tuesday, after your four month appointment.}


You're in a size 3 diaper and wear size 3-6 month clothing. You've been able to keep a couple of pairs of shoes on that have a handy ankle strap. They look so cute on you. I bought you several pairs of denim shorts for Summer and they're pretty much adorable.


Guess what? You started sleeping through the night again! Until above-mentioned sleep regression that started approximately 48 hours ago. Now you like to eat a couple times and just generally, not sleep. I did discover that you sleep quite excellently right stinkin next to me, which is OK in the living room chair - not so much in the bed. You are slightly congested right now so I am hoping/praying to Jesus that that is some of it. #IKindOfDoubtIt  You're still sleeping in your swing at night, except for the past two nights. (Do I really need to keep saying that?) You like to fall asleep with a paci now, which I will get to later on.


You are still a good little eater! You eat around 6-8 times per day/ish. Just when I was getting settled you started mixing things up and only eating for a few minutes about half the time. It was funny because I told daddy that it was spot-on four minutes each time. Almost like you were watching the clock! I guess you know your own tummy though. We attempted to try a bottle a couple more times but you just weren't a fan and couldn't figure it out. I haven't been in a hurry to keep trying, but eventually it will be nice!


You're rapidly outgrowing your pink bouncy seat and after a few minutes I'll see half of your body sliding on out. I still need you to sit in it at times, like while I shower so I'll probably start buckling you in. You will lay on your back on a blanket with toys but it's not super entertaining because you can't hold most of the toys yet and you like to roll over on your stomach and just be stuck there. I could tell we needed something in the interim between bouncy seat and sitting up on your own so I bought an exercauser. You looked little in it at first but are slowly warming up to it. I think in a few weeks or so, you will really start to have fun there. We also tried your jumper thing in the bedroom doorway but that was a bust. #toosmallstill  You like to grab your sister's hair!

Other Things~

SO many "other things!" You rolled over for the first time, attended your first wedding, and reached for and found your toes. It's your most fun trick and you do it all the time, after naps and during diaper changes, like, "Look! I can still do it!" You finally started taking a pacifier! It's this one and it's been a life-saver. Although, now you kind of like it to fall asleep with. I named it "Ollie" which I thought quite clever. =) You had your first pedicure (or sat with me while I got one) and you celebrated your very first Easter. You were less than thrilled when I helped you hold an egg.

Soon after turning three months, you found your "pterodactyl" voice and you enjoyed using it at will. You then caught your very first cold which meant you had a hoarse pterodactyl voice which was so very, pathetically cute.

Your sister Karlyn started putting you to sleep on her own which was so cute! You'd be laying on your yellow blanket and she would cover you up, turn on the sound machine music, give you your paci, and pat your back. You'd be out in minutes! She did it several days in a row so now you associate the music with sleep. #touche  She even told me, "Mom, here's a tip. If she starts crying just pat her back."

I finally took out your bathtub newborn insert (like 2 baths ago - oops) and you love sitting in the little tub without it. Once you can sit up, there's a seat for it too!

Anything you hold goes straight to your mouth, including your fist. I haven't felt or seen any teeth but I'm thinking they have to be near. Maybe? We came up with new nicknames including: K-Bizzle and Kros-Biscuit. Don't ask; it was a rainy day. You also went to the park with Karlyn and I!


Krosby Mae, we love you SO! Please keep this regression stuff short and sweet and we'll all be happy and rested. :>


One Year Ago Today

There are two things you should know about March 25th.

1) It's Sheryl Swoopes' Birthday. (best basketball name ever by the way) I know this because I used to love women's basketball in general and the WNBA and I totally thought I would join her one day by playing in it. 

Not really.

Sort of. She's 45! Which is only twelve years older than me. And a bit weird.

2) One year ago today, I got a positive pregnancy test. I remember the day vividly and it's hard to believe that a whole year has passed. I may or may not still have the pregnancy tests (yes, testS) in my bathroom cabinet. You can read the story here!

A lot can happen in a year. Like a baby. Krosby just fits into our family now and we can't imagine waking up without her. I mean, I can imagine getting a full night's sleep most nights but I try not to DWELL on it. :-)

Here she is today, at 3 1/2 months old. We love her little chunky, rolling-over self and are grateful that God chose the time that He did to bring her to us. 3/25 will always be a special day because of that. #AndSherylSwoopes


3 Months

I know, I know. How has it been 3 months??!

But. I'm not sad. I like watching this girl grow, mostly become mama wants to sleep again one day. Mmkay?

Child, you are so cute. That is your saving grace! Kidding. You also have the cheesiest smile on the planet and it melts my heart. My very tired, three months postpartum heart.


You won't have another doctor appointment until four months so the only thing I can estimate on is weight. And our scale says 14 lbs!


You're in a size 2 diaper and you keep having messy blowouts. I know it's not a size thing, so I'm not sure what it is, except gross. I'm really hoping it's just a phase. You're wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing and I bought you some new socks since all of your sister's hand-me-downs were either too big or too small. You're welcome.


You were sleeping through the night a bit but have reverted back to being fed once sometime during the night. I've gotten wise though. Instead of turning on my lamp, changing your diaper, and then feeding you, you simply stay swaddled, get thrown are gingerly placed on my chest and eat until you're done. Then it's back to sleep! In your swing. :-0 Yes, you're still sleeping in the swing at night and yes I know it's gotta end. But, I am proud of myself for making you take some naps in your crib. Or at least attempting to. You usually only last 30 minutes but hey, I'm trying. Something about that rocking, white noise, swaddle combo you really dig. And right now it's just too easy.


You are nursing about 6-7 times a day-ish. I tried a bottle and you had no idea what to do with it. So...yeah. Right now it's not a huge deal but someday that might be a good idea! You're starting to get just a little distracted while eating but not too much. You're pretty focused on filling that tummy of yours.


You like to sit in your pink bouncy seat and watch me workout. (Can that really be called playing?) You'll usually make it through most of the 30 minute video and I'm thankful that the sight of me and some dumbbells makes you happy. I'll move you over to your play mat and turn on the spinning musical birds which keeps you happy for another ten minutes or so. I've tried to hand you toys to hold but the grasp is just not there yet. You love to lay on your back and look up at anyone - me, your sister, daddy - and coo and ahh. We have a big time but don't know what you're saying!

Other Things~

You look SO much like your sister; it's crazy. I started blowing bubbles at you and making "blurbing" sounds and now you do it back. I'm pretty proud to say I taught you that first trick. You're happiest after eating. You get excited sometimes and kick your legs, which is what Karlyn did too. I wonder how much the two of you will be alike and in what ways you'll be different. You've probably outgrown your bathtub newborn insert but I'm still using it. You do well in the Ergo while grocery shopping and then start to fuss in the checkout line. This is extra fun because we always get a new cashier who doesn't know any of the vegetable codes and I stand there bouncing like a fool to keep you quiet. You've lost a stripe of hair in the back of your head from rubbing back and forth against the swing (I'm guessing!) and it looks pretty funny.

Karlyn and I like to make up silly songs where we take a little tune from one of her shows and change the words to be about YOU. Like...
Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way...To help our baby Krosby and save. the day. She's not too big and she's really small, but when we work together, she's cutest of all! Go...Krosby Mae!
We found our Krosby, we found her over there. We found our Krosby, by looking for her hair. We found her! We found her! So let's all stop and cheer! Doodley Doodley Do...Krosby!
Like I said. Silly. =) I also call you random things like, muffin top, tator tot, Kros-BEE! 

Krosby, you are precious. A little high-maintenance but precious all the same and we can't wait to watch you keep growing! Love you chunky.


Come to Jesus Meeting

I can't believe its only been one week. Let me explain.

Last Sunday, Karlyn, Ryan and myself had a little "Come to Jesus Meeting." And it was long overdue. Anyone who knows us knows that Karlyn has had trouble sleeping in her own room (aka always sleeps in our room) since the night before her second birthday party when she climbed out of her crib.

We should have put our foot <feet?> down right then but for one reason or another...she was the "baby," we were going through another miscarriage, Ryan had to work late, I was working, on and on - it was just never a good time. Since then she has needed someone in her room to help her fall asleep at night AND she consistently came to our room in the middle of the night to sleep on our floor. I did draw the line somewhere and that line was out of our bed. Sometimes she still snuck in!

Anyways. Over the past few years, Ryan or I would get our game face on and say, "OK, enough is enough. You've got to sleep in your own bed and/or you have to learn to fall asleep without us." But it never clicked. Call it lack of discipline on our part or failure to follow through but here we were at five years and two months old and nothing had changed.

Enter: The Meeting. I called it to order last Sunday night and the three of camped out in our big family chair while the dog listened in. It went something like this.

Alright Karlyn, Daddy and I want to talk to you. This is long overdue and it's not your fault. It's ours. But you have to start sleeping in your room. And if you don't, there are going to be consequences. So here's what we're going to do. 
We're going to start a bedtime routine where you wind down before bed. (um, instead of watching daddy's phone until 10:30 and then, "it's time for bed!" So at the designated time, we will:
  • Eat a snack
  • Take a bath (with epsom salts - something the pediatrician recommended and what I use all the time!)
  • Brush teeth
  • Put on pajamas
  • Slather on sleepy dust (magnesium lotion)
  • Read in your bed with the lamp on
  • Go to sleep
She cried a little, whined a little, and said, "I just don't think I can do it!" I don't know where she gets her drama from/not me. I think we started that night. I even really tried to talk it up like, "Isn't this great?! Isn't this so nice to have a routine where you wind down before bed instead of just watching a show?" She went along with it. score. Then, there was crying once we got to the in bed part but I came back in twice and told her she had to go to sleep. Then...she did. She came in our room in the middle of the night and Ryan took her back. 
The next night, there were no tears. And she went to sleep all on her own! She came in our room a few hours later and this time Ryan just told her to go get back in bed. She did. From there on out, she has been falling asleep in her bed after reading a book or two AND sleeping in her own bed all night!

Ya'll. This is huge! At least for us. And while I admit we should have implemented this a long time ago, at least we've done it now. Ya know. Before Kindergarten.

I think the whole "getting ready for bed" routine is really helpful for her + the addition of two magnesium sources. This mineral is HUGE for relaxation, sleepiness, and great for people with insomnia. Plus a warm bath before bed is going to raise your core temperature. Then, as it lowers you get sleepy. Ta Da!

Not having your face in electronics helps too. The whole blue light thing...So. I am thrilled as you can imagine and pretty darn proud of myself. I love my big girl and knew she had it in her, we just all had to convince ourselves. And - we aren't even having to do the entire routine every night. Because nights vary...like last night, we came home late after a family get together and she still fell asleep after pajamas, teeth brushed, and one book. I'm loving it.

So there you go. Maybe you can take something away from our little family lesson and nip bedtime in the bud sooner. Poor little Krosby. Sweet girl doesn't stand a chance. :-)